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26 August 2010 EMA/256694/2010 rev. EMEA/H/A6(13)/001190 Questions and answers on Seroquel XR and associated names (50, 150, 200, three hundred and four hundred mg prolongedrelease tablets containing quetiapine) Outcome of a procedure underneath Article 6(13) of Regulation (EC) 1084/2003 as amended The European Medicines Agency has completed an arbitration procedure for Seroquel XR and associated names. The Agency’s Committee for Medicinal product for Human Use (CHMP) has concluded that Seroquel XR are often used as addon to ongoing treatment for major depressive episodes in patients with major depressive disorder who have had suboptimal response to treatment with different antidepressants. What is Seroquel XR? Seroquel XR is an antipsychotic medication that contains the active substance quetiapine. it's utilized in patients with schizophrenia, a mental illness with variety of symptoms, as well as disorganised thinking and speech, hallucinations (hearing or seeing things that aren't there), suspiciousness and delusions (false beliefs). it's additionally used for the generic equivalent for seroquel prevention and treatment of bipolar disorder, a mental illness within which patients have manic episodes (periods of abnormally high mood), alternating with periods of traditional mood, further as episodes of depression. The exact mechanism of action of quetiapine is unknown, however it attaches to many seroquel 25 mg tab coupon receptors on
INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS TAKING SEROQUEL (QUETIAPINE) MEDICATION: What is Seroquel? Seroquel (pronounced Ser-o-kwell), also ca

out of balance. These imbalances will cause a number of the symptoms you will be experiencing. Seroquel helps to place right this imbalance of chemicals in sure elements of the brain the most ones it affects are referred to as dopamine and serotonin. It helps with symptoms like hallucinations (e.g. hearing voices), thinking that's out of bit with reality, disorganised or racing thinking, and mood imbalances. How ought to I be taking Seroquel? Daily treatment with Seroquel will facilitate management your symptoms and therefore assist you feel higher. For this reason, it's vital to require your doses of Seroquel on a daily basis, even once your symptoms depart and whereas you feel higher. Seroquel is accessible as tablets you're taking by mouth. it's going to be taken with or while not food. you must take Seroquel on a daily basis as your doctor has directed. to achieve the foremost enjoy Seroquel, take the precise variety of tablets your doctor has prescribed for you daily at the correct times. no matter how smart or how bad you're feeling, do not stop taking Seroquel while not arranging this together with your doctor 1st. The most common dose is concerning four hundred mgs daily, and it has always started low and designed up to the current over a week or 2. Older individuals, teenagers or individuals with any condition affecting the brain are possible to need a smaller dose. What do I seroquel xr in canada do if I miss a dose? If you miss a dose, take it as soon as doable. If it's virtually time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and come to your regular dosing schedule. don't take 2 doses quickly. Remember that you just got to offer yourself a while to feel higher. Symptoms tend to enhance gradually over the primary few weeks of treatment. the foremost necessary factor you'll be able to seroquel 25 mg tab coupon do to *point8*

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